What We do

We directly imported enormous amounts of high quality construction materials from foreign countries to distribute every corner of Myanmar without lacking and fulfill every need of our customer with warmest services.

Our Products

We guarantee that our construction materials can make you satisfied with their values and also serve door to door delivery service in limited areas. 

Generally we are distributing Plywood, Formica, Block Board, Film Board, Chain Link, Wire Mesh, Steel Basin, Ceramic Basin, Toilet Bowls, Myanmar Butterfly Toilet Bowls, Beading, PVC & UPVC Doors, Finger Joints and other Construction Materials.

  • Plywood

    Black Film Plywood is the special plywood with two sides coated with wearable and water proof film that imported directly from foreign countries. Black film coated plywood that we distributing has 8.5mm thickness, 8’ length and 4’ width. It’s really suitable for manufacturing furniture, using as partition and floor because of its high quality. We have Master Board and Panda Super Form brands that manufactured from high quality raw materials with high technologies.

  • Fomica

    Formica is the trademark of hard, smooth, surface material used to make various laminated plastic products, especially tabletops and other furniture, wallboards, interior designs and other constructions. We sell Formica with, beautiful or simple and classic or modern, various patterns wholesale and retail.

  • Block Board

    Block Board are compound wood board made of uniform strips of wood, placed end to end adjacent columns. They are then sandwiched between two thick veneers of hardwood and finally glued under a tremendous amount of heat and pressure. The abilities of the block board have enough strength to avoid bending in any conditions, water resistance and moisture resistance. Block Board are way more cheaper than the wood and have enough strength to make chairs, bookshelves, doors and cabinets. Nowadays, Block Board are popular for manufacturing furniture and if you need high quality block boards, you can buy block boards wholesale or retail at Myat Thit Sar.

  • PVC and UPVC Doors and Windows

    PVC doors and windows are made of the polyvinyl chloride that altered to be stiff and strong. UPVC, unplasticized polyvinyl chlorid, doors and windows are also very strong. Water resistance and strength of PVC and UPVC doors are surprisingly good so that you can use wherever you like. Various type of doors such as sliding, folding, revolving, pivot and collapsible doors are available.

  • Steel and Ceramic Basin

    Basin comes with various sizes and shapes. Wholesale or Retail, you can buy high quality steel and ceramic basins at as you wish.

  • Chain Link and Wire Mesh

    You can buy chain link and wire mesh made up of high quality iron and metal with high technology at Myat Thit Sar. The strength of chain link and wire mesh can protect your safety, lands and factories and will not easily destroyed by time and weather.

  • Finger Joint

    Finger Joint, also known as comb jont,is woodworking joint made by cutting a set of complementary, interlocking profiles in two pieces of wood, which are then glued. Finger Joint are used as floor, stair treads, windows, doors and manufacturing furniture. Finger joint are very useful for saving money and trees, so they are the most suitable materials for construction and manufacturing furniture.

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